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Asos Plaid Lined Coat

West Village Brick Townhomes J. Crew Navy Striped Vest Asos Camel Plaid Toggle Coat Asos Plaid Lined Coat 1 West Village Brick Townhouses Club Monaco Faux Leather Leggings Asos Camel Plaid Lined Coat

Asos coat (on sale!!) | J. Crew vest (on sale & last worn here) | J. Crew sweater | Club Monaco leggings (on sale) | J. Crew x Sperry boots | Julie Vos necklace c/o | Prada sunglasses

Lately I’ve been in a phase where my only goal when getting dressed in the mornings is too stay warm. This was the case last Saturday when Nick and I had a double date brunch with my friend Krista and her guy at August on Bleecker Street. I woke up and was like, okay…what are the warmest/coziest things in my closet that I can throw together and actually still look cute in public? Krista always looks so put together so I knew I had to be on my game. I’m also so happy I went ahead and bought these Club Monaco leggings when they were on sale. I’d been eyeing them since last season and they fit great and don’t have that saggy butt feeling a lot of leggings end up getting after being worn for more than an hour. Anyone else get that? Maybe my butt is just saggy…

Anyways winter is not cutting New York any breaks – the temperatures are frigid and we’re actually due for another 6 inches tonight (oh joy). At least I have my J. Crew x Sperry boots, huge puffer coat, tons of vests, earmuffs and leggings to keep me warm. No really, that’s what I’m wearing to work today.

- Katie


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