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Cranberry Orange Holiday Margaritas

Yields1 Serving

Cranberry Orange Holiday Margarita Recipe

 2 oz Silver Tequila
 2 oz Cranberry Juice
 1.50 oz Lime Juice
 1.50 oz Agave Syrup
 Splash of Orange Juice
 Ice Cubes
 Kosher Salt
 Granulated Sugar
 Fresh Cranberries
 Fresh Rosemary Sprigs
 Lime Slices
 Candied Ginger
 Granulated Sugar

PREP YOUR GARNISHES. Rinse your cranberries, limes and fresh rosemary. If you want to get fancy, pour a spoonful of sugar on a plate and then lightly “dust” your damp cranberries and rosemary with the sugar for a crystallized look. I used a toothpick and added a few cranberries & candied ginger for a little extra color.


RIM YOUR GLASSES. Don’t skip this step! The rim of a margarita is so important and the sweet and saltiness of this one makes the drink. Just combine equal parts kosher salt and granulated sugar on a plate, then dip the edges of your glass into the mixture. Don’t forget to first dampen the rims with either lime wedge or under running water! I find that old fashioned-style or stemless wine glasses work best with this drink as deeper-welled cups keep the garnishes together and upright, versus a traditional shallow margarita glass.


MAKE THE MARGS. Place a few ice cubes in a cocktail shaker and add your tequila, agave syrup, cranberry, lime and orange juices.. Shake for a few seconds until the ingredients are combined and then pour into your rimmed glasses. If preferred, add a few ice cubes to each drink.


ADD GARNISHES. Tis the season to be #extra and nothing impresses guests more than a pretty garnish. I’d suggest adding a sugar-coated sprig of rosemary and taking a toothpick with a few cranberries and candied ginger pieces. If you want to bring out the orange or lime flavors more, then you could add a fresh orange or lime slice too!