Baby and Kids Gift Guide
Katies Bliss Gift Guide for babies and kids

1. Otteroo Float | 2. Lovevery Play Gym | 3. Musical Toy (this is Nate’s FAVORITE!) | 4. Foot and Wrist Rattles | 5. Elephant Rocker | 6. Winter Car Seat Cover | 7. Personalized Snow Globe | 8. Magnetic Pajamas | 9. Patagonia Bear Hat | 10. Musical Stroller Arch | 11. Little Blue Truck’s Christmas Book | 12. Hanging Toys | 13. Panda Crate Developmental Subscription Box (Discount code: KATIESBLISS for 30% off first month) | 14. Rattle Sensory Teether Toy | 15. Rainbow Ball Toy | 16. Sherpa Bear Bunting | 17. Personalized Chair

If you’re shopping for a little one this year I have some ideas for ya! This baby gift guide includes some of Nate’s favorite toys and clothes, along with a few items that I took the liberty of adding to his wishlist for Santa 🙂

A few callouts! These magnetic onesie pajamas are amazing quality and make diaper changes quick and easy. This play gym + mat was the best buy– Nate lays on it everyday after he has a bottle. Nick added these hanging jingly toys that he loves to grab! I also keep out this folding tummy time mirror that came in his Panda Crate box (KATIESBLISS gets you 30% off) and he gets such a kick out of looking at his reflection!

He’s also OBSESSED with this $8 handheld musical toy. Anytime I turn it on he instantly calms him down and gets distracted by the sounds and lights. I always keep it in my purse and also use it during his tummy time to help him with visual tracking. He follows the lights with his eyes!

Speaking of lights– Little Blue Truck’s Christmas is not only a cute holiday book for bedtime reading, but it also has twinkle lights on a few of the pages!

- Katie


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