I was very blessed to have had minimal tearing when giving birth to Nate. Prior to his delivery, I’d heard so many negative horror stories from friends and on social media about tearing and prepared myself for the worst. I delivered him vaginally, reclined on my back (this is typical if you’ve had an epidural) and pushed for a little over an hour. Since I was completely numb below my waist I had no idea if I was tearing while I was pushing. You can imagine how shocked I was to find out I only had a few small cosmetic ones. You’ll recall in Nate’s birth story that I’d asked how bad my tears were and my OB was hesitant to even describe them as first degree.

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October 27, 2020

It’s been just about two months since our darling boy Nathaniel Stellan Gomes entered our lives and every day since has been a dream. He is truly such a sweet, calm and happy baby. We are SO lucky! I meant to write his birth story weeks ago, but #newmomlife has kept me pretty busy! So where to begin… Those of you who keep up with my Instagram know that Nate was

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There’s nothing like fall in New England! I wore this look one day during our recent weekend getaway to Litchfield County, Connecticut and can’t think of a more perfect outfit for exploring farms and pumpkin patches with my boys. This long quilted coat is a new find from Nordstrom and has the perfect combination of warmth and weight– not too heavy and layers perfectly over a plaid shirt (another new Nordstrom buy!)

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