Brooklyn Smorgasburg Food Crawl
Everly Print Shift Dress

I recently visited the Smorgasburg in Brooklyn with my family and it ended up being by far one of the best days I’ve ever had in the city. You really cannot beat the combination of good food, family, sun, a great view and a brand new dress! Basically the Smorgasburg is a total must visit if you are ever in Brooklyn. Check out the rest of the post to see all the vendors we (over)ate at plus more photos from the day – Nick actually let me take his photo!!!

Katie's Bliss Brooklyn Smorgasburg Food Crawl_4

Hallelujah he agreed to be in a photo!!!! ^^^
Manhattan Skyline Katie's Bliss Brooklyn Smorgasburg Food Crawl_2 Everly Print Shift Dress_3 Katie's Bliss Brooklyn Smorgasburg Food Crawl_3 Katie's Bliss Brooklyn Smorgasburg Food Crawl Everly Print Shift Dress Everly Print Shift Dress_1

I was wearing…

Everly dress c/o (very similar here for $48) | Jack Rogers sandals c/o (very comfortable) | Bucket bag | Panama hat | Aviators | Pendant tassel necklace | David Yurman bracelets | Movado watch c/o

I cannot stress enough the importance of dressing appropriately when planning to spend a hot day out and about in a large city. Wearing uncomfortable clothing or footwear can completely ruin an experience (it’s happened to me) so I always very carefully pick my outfits factoring in the weather and how much walking I’ll be doing. I’m obsessed with Everly dresses. They are so lightweight and the price tags are out of this world. A cute dress for under $50? You cannot beat it. Unfortunately the one I’m wearing here is no longer available but this one is the same cut with a similar print. They are also have a ton of options on sale for under $30!

In terms of footwear, I love these sandals from Jack Rogers. I’ve heard mixed opinions on the comfort of Jacks. Some people say they are incredibly uncomfortable, others live in them. I fall into the latter and wear my Jacks almost every single day!

Now for the food…

Brooklyn Smorgasburg Food Crawl

Vendors we visited…

Red Hook Lobster Pound – I LOVE a good lobster roll and this is one of the better ones I’ve had in the city. Not the absolute best (Mermaid Inn is my fave) but it’s definitely worth it if you’re at the Smorgasburg and in the mood for lobster.

Thirstea Cafe – I feel like it’s tough the make a bad bubble tea and on a HOT day there is nothing quite as refreshing as a cold passionfruit tea.

Ramen Burger – This is a must-do, even if it’s just for the experience. I had no clue what the expect when I took a bite, but wow, I’ve never had anything like it! Essentially it’s a teriyaki (or some type of Asian-flavored sauce) marinated burger patty in between two fried ramen noodle buns. So weird yet so good. Tip: Get there early or expect to wait in line at least 30 minutes or more!

Dough – Doughnuts doughnuts doughnuts! If you’re a lover like me then you need to hit this up. Lots of unique flavor combinations!

Home Frite – Okay so I honestly thought this was overrated and not worth the 30 minutes I waited in line. Basically you get a carton of steak fries and a sauce of your choice (they have a ton of options). If you are french fry obsessed then it’s worth checking out but I personally wasn’t too impressed.

Brooklyn Oyster Company – 2 words: Fresh oysters!

Dorset Maple Reserve – I was so thirsty so I sent Nick off in search of a beverage. He ended up coming back with a “Maple Lemonade.” Sounds strange but it was actually delicious!

Rise & Swine – By the time we got to this stand I was already bursting at the seams, but when I saw french toast bacon sandwich on the menu I could not miss out. So gluttonous!

Blue Marble Ice Cream – Of course desert is necessary after consuming an exorbitant amount of calories. Nick and I shared a dip of chocolate and it was totally worth it!

Sunday Gravy – Nick tried out this stand and loved the mini meatball parm sandwich he ordered.
Katie's Bliss Brooklyn Smorgasburg Food Crawl_1For all of your enjoyment… I’ll leave you with this outtake. My frustration always comes out when Nick refuses to cooperate. It’s a miracle we even got these photos of us in the first place! Special shout out to my cousin Georgie for being our photographer!

Anyone else feel my pain? Why do men get so bratty in front of a camera? Have you visited the Smorgasburg? What are your favorite vendors? 

- Katie


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