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Flash Drive Infinitive at Walgreens


Nick and I are total tech junkies. Each of us always has to have the latest and greatest electronics and gadgets – whether it’s the new iPhone, Apple TV, or a selfie stick. We’re both always connected to our technology in some way. My weapons of choice are my iPhone and DSLR camera. For Nick, it’s his laptop – he’s never not on it working or gaming.

I’m excited to share that there is a line of affordable tech accessories launching this month at Walgreens and Duane Reade. Infinitive is a new brand of mobile accessories, electronics and memory products that aims to keep you connected no matter where you go or what life throws at you. The brand features over 100 products that have been certified by Apple and are priced 20-25% below other similar items. Great right?

Selfie Stick Infinitive at Walgreens Infinitive at Walgreens

Nick and I tested a number of products from the line including a Powerbank rechargeable battery, Flash memory card, Smartphone Selfie Stick and a Compact Tripod.

Battery Charger Infinitive at Walgreens Battery Charger Infinitive at Walgreens

The item that appealed most to me is the Powerbank. I constantly run into the dreaded 10% with my iPhone on busy days when I have events after work. I don’t always remember to charge my phone when I’m in the office and a portable battery charge has been on my must-buy list for months. Since receiving this one I’ve kept it in my bag so I can charge on the go. It’s a lifesaver and holds up to a 2.5x full charge!

As a blogger, I can never have too many Flash memory cards or Smartphone cables. I use memory cards for everything from storing photos, transferring files from my computer to our TV and sharing documents with Nick. These little guys are perfect when traveling too! We also always have friends over and an extra-long cable is great for when guests need to charge their phones. It’s also perfect for plugging in added electronics.

Camera Tripod Infinitive at Walgreens Selfie Stick Infinitive at Walgreens_1

Who doesn’t love to take photos and stay connected with family during the holidays? I would definitely consider picking up a Smartphone Selfie Stick or Compact Tripod to make life easier. We’re heading home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday and I definitely plan on bringing both. Nick got a little excited when the selfie stick arrived and I now have 50+ selfies of him on my phone – no joke. He won’t be laughing when I force him to take a million of them with me this weekend 😛

Infinitive at Walgreens Selfie

There are a few upcoming promotions you guys should definitely check it out whether you are thinking of buying an items for yourself or a loved one – details below! To find a store near you where these products are sold click here: You can also learn more about the brand on YouTube.

Infinitive at Walgreens Exclusive Promotions:

November 26:  (Black Friday) Buy 3, Get a $5 gift certificate to Walgreens

December 6: 25% off all mobile accessories and consumer electronics

Thank you to Walgreens for sponsoring this post. #InfinitiveAtWalgreens @Walgreens

- Katie


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