Cowl Neck Sweater Dress
Cowl Neck Sweater Dress Cowl Neck Sweater Dress

So you guys won’t believe what happened to me over the weekend… I had my appendix removed!!! Oh I know, it caught me by surprise too. Surgery was the last thing I thought I’d be having done on a Saturday night.

I’ll explain the full story after the jump, but in the meantime here’s a look at an outfit worn when I still had my appendix. This cowl neck sweater dress (under $100) is such a gem and looks even better styled with a long, pendant necklace. I have a feeling I’m going to be living in loose, cozy dresses over the next few weeks…

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Cowl Neck Sweater Dress Cowl Neck Sweater DressCowl Neck Sweater Dress

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So here’s what happened… A few hours after I returned home from North Carolina on Thursday I started experiencing pain in my abdomen. Nothing unbearable, but the consistent aching was noticeable and uncomfortable. By Saturday morning it hadn’t gone away and I knew something wasn’t right. I’ve had cramps before, but those ebb and flow. This was something different. Lucky for me, my mom is a nurse practitioner and my Pop-Pop is a doctor so after explaining what was going on they both immediately told me to head to ER. So that’s where Nick and I spent our Saturday.

Once I checked in as a patient it was a loooongggg process. Hours of waiting. Then they took my vitals. More waiting. Then a short physical and gynecological exam (all women of child-bearing years are required to get one.) More waiting. Then a quick Q&A with an ER doctor. From there it was becoming obvious the pain was pointing towards my appendix and I got scheduled for a CT scan. I waited a little more and then in I went. Almost immediately after heading out from the scan a nurse came and broke the news to me: I had an appendicitis and needed immediate surgery. Ugh, can’t say it was the news I was hoping for, but part of me was relieved I had a clear diagnosis and it wasn’t a problem with my ovaries or anything else reproductive.

So from there I had to meet with a few more doctors and hospital staff, sign a lot of forms and wait a few hours more. Around 10PM I was finally wheeled into the OR and 1.5 hours later I came out with one less organ. Going into the surgery I was okay. I had been waiting so many hours that I was just ready to get it done, but coming out of the surgery was a different story. Waking up from the anesthesia was awful — I became panicky and scared. The nausea was terrible too.

I’ll save ya all the post-op details, but after some ice chips, anti-nausea medicine and an oxycontin, Nick and a nurse helped me get dressed and I was discharged. It was that easy I didn’t even have to stay overnight. #Hallelujah. Now I’m just happy to be home and on the mend. This next week isn’t going to be easy, but I just plan on taking it slow and steady. Any advice for recovering after an appendicitis (or any surgery) would be greatly appreciated! xo

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- Katie


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