When Is The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale? September 2018 Dates
Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale September 2018

When is the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question in the last month! Well the wait is over. You can officially mark your calendar and get ready to shop the best sale of the year on LillyPulitzer.com September 10-12. Who else has been waiting on pins and needles for them to announce the dates??

Lilly Pulitzer always has two big blowout sales per year, the first happens in January and the second towards the end of summer. For the past few years that I’ve been blogging about the After Party Sale the second one has always taken place before Labor Day, but this year Lilly is switching things up and moving the sale to September. I’m actually a little relieved it’s happening after the holiday weekend. Labor Day is always bittersweet knowing that summer is ending, but having the After Party Sale to look forward to the following week will be a nice consolation.

Monday September 10 – Wednesday September 12
Sale Begins: 8AM ET

Lilly Pulitzer Gingham Halter Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Gingham Halter Dress | Cult Gaia Handbag | Sandals | Aviator Sunglasses | Michele Watch | David Yurman Bracelets

Those of you who are unfamiliar with the sale or are planning to shop for the first time, here’s a little refresher on why it’s a big deal. The After Party Sale is the only time Lilly Pulitzer ever gets marked down. There isn’t even a sale section on LillyPulitzer.com because the discounts at the After Party Sales are that good.

Lilly Pulitzer Zadie Maxi Dress
Lilly Pulitzer Marianna Dress

Lilly Pulitzer Zadie Maxi Dress | Lilly Pulitzer Marianna Dress

Between the two sales, the second one that happens at the end of summer is the ALWAYS better. There will be a bigger selection and you’ll see pieces from all the recent spring and summer collections. Expect to find dresses, topsbottomsaccessories and home goods marked down over 50% off. A $228+ maxi dress like this one would likely be knocked down to under $100 and a top like this would probably be $35 or less.

Lilly Pulitzer Dusk Jumpsuit
Lilly Pulitzer Amisa Top

Lilly Pulitzer Dusk Jumpsuit | Lilly Pulitzer Amisa Top

Unless you’re a new Katie’s Bliss reader you’ve seen these tips before, but for anyone who is new definitely make sure to check out my advice for shopping the After Party Sale below. I’ve followed these myself for years and have had a lot of luck scoring some good finds!


Set up a LillyPulitzer.com account. You’ll need an account to shop the sale and you can get a headstart by making sure all your shipping and payment information is up-to-date. Also sign in the night before!

Use multiple devices. Just in case the site crashes have your phone or iPad ready as a backup plan.

Set your alarm & clear your morning schedule! Get yours reminders set so you’re up and ready at 8AM ET on Monday. No judgements if you need to reschedule a meeting or doctor appointment. If God forbid there’s something you can’t get out of, recruit a friend or family member to place an order on your behalf. If you know someone else planning to shop the sale, it could be smart to link up together in case one of you gets access to the site earlier than the other. #TEAMWORK

Know your sizing. Since I wear Lilly so much I never worry about sizing when I order online. But personally the brand does run big on me! I’m typically a XS in tops and a size 2 in pants/dresses, but with Lilly I always go for a 0 or XXS. If you’re unsure you can review the size chart here!

Shop smart and fast. Everything is fair game until you’ve finished checkout so shop smart. Even if you’ve added something to your cart, it doesn’t mean it’s yours. I’d encourage you to write a list of what items you’re interested in and your sizing so you are prepared to click fast!

Don’t buy just to buy. Think about what your closet was lacking this summer or if you need to replace something. Need a little white dress? Has your pool tote seen better days? Remember everything is final sale so returns aren’t an option.

Set a budget. I know it’s tough not to go crazy when these sales happen. You just have to remember it’s only clothes and not even Lilly Pulitzer is worth a cringeworthy credit card bill.

Understand the ordering process. Keep in mind that Lilly only has this sale twice a year and there are A LOT of Lilly Lovers just as excited as you about shopping. Everyone receives free standard shipping when they place their After Party Sale order so be prepared to wait two weeks or more for your goodies. Lilly Pulitzer isn’t a big box retailer like Nordstrom– cut the warehouse team some slack as I’m sure they will be working night and day putting together everyone’s orders.

- Katie


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