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Home Workout Equipment + How I’m Exercising During Pregnancy
Magenta Workout Set

OUTFIT DETAILS // Crop Top Sports Bra | Workout Leggings | Adidas Sneakers

Exercising this last month has been interesting to say the least. My previous routine prior to the pandemic consisted of 2x per week Solidcore megaformer pilates classes and a 1x per week 3 mile light jog/incline walk on the treadmill. I’ve never been very good about working out on my own and really need an instructor to push me. On top of that I don’t really enjoy running outside and even if I did, I wouldn’t feel safe doing so given the times and how much active construction there is outside of my apartment building.

When the order was given that non-essential businesses including fitness studios and gyms would need to close due to Covid-19, I like everyone else who relied on classes and equipment outside of my home to workout needed to find a way to adapt. So what have I been doing to stay active? I’ve shared snippets already on Instagram (check my Home Workout highlight) about how I’ve been streaming classes using obé fitness (use code KATIEM30 for 30% off your first month!)



Home Workout Equipment

MY HOME WORKOUT EQUIPMENT // Foam Mat | Yoga Mat | Weights | Resistance Bands | Adidas Sneakers

I try to take a class at least 2-3x a week (I just do it in my living room) and so far I’ve really been enjoying them! There’s a great selection of class types– pilates, dance, HIIT, barre, yoga and circuit. Most classes are just 28 minutes long, however there are others up to 45 mins and then shorter express classes that target certain areas like lower body, upper body, etc.

There are even prenatal and postnatal classes too! I just did my first prenatal sculpt class this week and really liked it. Each day there’s a new schedule so you can join a live class and do it as it’s happening or you can just replay previous classes which are all are available on-demand on

Since many obé classes encourage using equipment I decided to order a few things to take my workouts up a notch! These are the 2 lb dumbbells, resistance band set and ankle weights (2.5 lbs) that I regularly use and recommend. I’m also a big fan of this yoga mat (great for floor work) and these sneakers. I love them so much I bought a pair in two colors!

Ankle Weights
Ankle Weights

DETAILS // Ankle/Arm Weights | Adidas Sneakers


I won’t lie. I do miss my old routine. Nothing beats the results and burn of a Solidcore class, but given the circumstances of life right now I’m grateful to have found an option I can safely do on my own at home.

PS don’t forget you can use code KATIEM30 for 30% off your first month of obé classes! Click here to sign up 🙂

- Katie


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