What’s In My Bag? Weekday Edition
Henri Bendel Satchel

I feel like I carry my life around with me during the weekdays! When you live in a place where you rely on public transportation you almost have to bring all of your essentials with you when you leave your home. If I had a car, this post would probably look different, but as long as I live in New York a large tote, hydration (lately in the form of V8 Infused Water), spare pair of flats, makeup and a metro card is a must!

What's in my bag - Katie's Bliss What's in my bag - Katie's Bliss_2 What's in my bag - Katie's Bliss_3What’s in my bag…

Camel satchel c/o (similar brown tote here) | V8 Infused Water c/o | Jack Roger’s sandals | Pink mirrored sunglasses | Altoids (my fave) | Smathers & Branson key chain c/o | Small amount of cash | Hobo wallet c/o (my fave wallet brand) | Metrocards (I carry 2 since I always lose them) | Pen | Headphones | Hair ties

Beauty essentials…

Lilly Pulitzer zip pouch c/o (for holding everything) | Hand sanitizer (absolute must) | First Aid Beauty sunscreen moisturizer c/o (one of my fave affordable skincare brands!) | Dove Dry Spray pray deodorant c/o | MAC “Summerfruit” lip pencil | MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural | Sigma kabuki brush | Stella McCartney “STELLA” perfume | Clinique Chubby Sticks | Burt’s Bees lip crayon | Buxom “Full On” lip cream | Glossier balm dotcom c/o | Estee Lauder “Pure Color Envy” Matte Lipstick (so so good) | Covergirl  “The Super Sizer” mascara (game changer!)

I can’t express enough the importance of a bag that zips close, especially when you live in a busy metropolitan area. Especially one that is so spacious and sturdy! I’m overly cognizant of keeping my purses closed on the subway and when I’m out walking – you never know what could happen! Currently eyeing this Tory Burch one

Since I’m always in a rush (literally non-stop from 6AM – 8PM everyday during the week), I keep anything I’d potentially need in-between those hours in my bag and inside my desk at work. It is BEYOND hot on the subway platforms during the summer thanks to the exhaust from the cars, so I find myself super dehydrated and sweaty if I ever end having to wait more than a few minutes. Water is necessary and lately I’ve been loving V8’s new Infused Water. It’s super refreshing and not overly sweet. You can purchase them at your local Walgreens or in my case, Duane Reade. And yes deodorant and a small perfume is a must too – I love Dove’s Dry Spray and Stella McCartney’s new “STELLA” fragrance.

So there you have it! I actually had a lot of fun putting this post together so I think I may follow up with a weekend edition soon…

What do you carry in your bag?

Thank you to V8 and Walgreens for sponsoring this post. #V8Juice #VegOut #V8Water

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- Katie


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