My Favorite Loungewear & Sneaker Pairings

We made it to Friday! Time to bring on the red wine and weekend wear! Nick and I don’t have any specific plans on our agenda, but after seeing the balmy weather forecast (it’s gonna be in the 50s!) I’m hoping I can drag him out for a little exploring. Maybe Central Park? Or a walk around the Upper East Side? We’ll see!

Jogger Pants Adidas Sneakers

LOOK 1 // Beige Sweater | Similar Navy Joggers | Sneakers
LOOK 2 // Cream Sweater |Camo Joggers | Sneakers
LOOK 3 // Patagonia Pullover | White T-Shirt | Grey Joggers | Sneakers

If you’d asked me even a year ago for lounge and casual footwear recommendations my response would’ve sounded something like this… You mean the ancient sweatpants I’ve had since college and the single pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers that I wear every weekend?

Maroon Jogger Pants

Cream Sweater | Maroon JoggersSneakers | Saint Laurent Bag

It didn’t make sense to invest in casual pieces like jogger pants, knit pullovers and classic sneakers when I was still working full time, however over the last few months I realized that I was constantly wearing the same old loungewear over and over and over again. When it was time to travel? I would constantly draw a blank trying to pick out a comfortable flight outfit that wasn’t pjs. PS I’ll NEVER understand people who wear jeans on airplane…

Navy Jogger Pants Saint Laurent Bag

Similar Navy Joggers | Textured CardiganWhite T-Shirt | Sneakers | Sunglasses | Saint Laurent Bag

It’s not a surprise to those of you who follow me on Instagram that I’ve been trying to set up my casual game. Recently I’ve picked up a bunch of fun joggers, some new sweatshirts and sweaters, along with a couple pairs of sneakers for wearing outside of the gym.

So here you can see a few of the pairings that have been giving me LIFE. Now all I can wonder is why did it take me so long to do this? I never want to go back to buying dresses and skinny jeans again! 😛

Jogger Pants Adidas Sneakers

LOOK 1 // Maroon JoggersSneakers
LOOK 2 // Pink JoggersSneakers
LOOK 3 // Grey Joggers | Sneakers

Jogger Pants Adidas Sneakers

Grey SweatshirtWhite T-Shirt | Maroon Joggers | Camo Joggers | Stripe Sneakers | Maroon Sneakers

Who else is with me on the loungewear trend? Do we think stylish sweats are making a comeback? 

- Katie


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