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Blogger/Vlogger Resolutions

Connect with other bloggers and YouTubers
This is what I have struggled with most since starting my blog and YouTube channel – I am the absolute worst at reaching out to people. I think this is partly because I am so scared of rejection. But after a pep talk from fellow blogger Cathy at Poor Little It Girl and my boyfriend Nick I am going to get over my fear and just do it. In 2013 I want to connect and collaborate with other bloggers and hopefully make some blogger friends in NYC! I’ve actually already started working on this and have a few blogger coffee dates and collaborations coming up. Woohoo!

Redesign my blog and switch to WordPress
I really want to take my blog to the next level both professionally and functionally. Blogger has been great starting out but it does have its limitations. Luckily I have a boyfriend that likes to build websites in his free time so I’ve recruited Nick to redesign and transfer Katie’s Bliss to WordPress. It’s a time consuming process so it may take some months but in the new year I hope to see a redesign.

Upload consistently to my YouTube channel
Since moving to NYC I’ve definitely neglected my YouTube channel, mostly because of lack of time but partly by choice. In 2013 I want to start uploading regularly again – hopefully I can stick to uploading 1 video per week.

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Better manage my anxiety & find more ways to relax
The main way I deal with any situation that causes me anxiety is just by discussing it with Nick or my grandma. Venting is the best therapy for me. They are both extremely patient with me and supportive when I’m feeling anxious or stressed. I’ve come a very long way over the past 2-3 years (I was at my worst freshmen year of college) and for the most part my anxiety doesn’t give me too many problems anymore. But I’d be lying if I said graduating, getting a job and moving to NYC has been stress-free. In 2013 I hope to continue taking my yoga classes and possibly try out some other ways of managing my anxiety. I’ve been considering acupuncture or a weekly massage to help myself relax. I’ve also found that reading a book and drinking tea helps. If you have any tips for managing anxiety/stress I would love to hear them!

Stop the negativity
I am without a doubt my toughest critic. Whether it’s my appearance, my blog, my grades when I was in school, my career, my emotions – I am extremely hard on myself. I’ve come to recognize it’s an issue and in 2013 I want to work on building myself up, rather than beating myself down.

Finish decorating our apartment
Nick and I have been terrible procrastinators with getting our apartment in order. We’re planning on painting this month and working on decor – so hopefully it will all come together soon!

Continue to explore NYC & travel
Money is tight so I’m not talking any crazy jet set vacations here (although we are going on a family trip to Jamaica in June-can’t wait!) but I want to make it a priority to continue to explore NYC and possibly take some local day trips. Nick and I have yet to visit the Upper East Side, Lower East Side, the East Village and Brooklyn – so I want to make a point to walk around those neighborhoods. I also want to go to Central Park, the Bronx Zoo, Coney Island and the Museum of Natural History. Let me know any suggestions for places I have to see!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Any advice for me?

- Katie


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