My First Wedding Season With Hallmark & Walgreens
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It’s finally happened: my friends are beginning to get engaged. Everyone kept telling me it would start around age 25 and they were right — in the past few months I’ve had multiple friends and family members announce upcoming nuptials!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve only been to two weddings. One was my aunt’s when I was SUPER little (my sister and I were flower girls) and the other was for Nick’s cousin when we first started dating. I’ll admit, I’m a little new to the wedding process and have had to ask my mom, grandma, coworkers and married friends a ton of questions as I prepare for all the events I’ll be attending over the next few months. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties and ceremonies — it’s a lot to navigate and there’s a lot of gift-giving involved. Apparently you’re supposed to bring a gift to both the bridal shower AND the actual wedding. Who knew?

My cluelessness about weddings aside, one thing I do know is any gift should always be accompanied with a card. Today I’m partnering with Hallmark and Walgreens to talk wedding season and the importance of always including a heartfelt written message with any gift, no matter the occasion. 

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I love to buy in bulk (who doesn’t…) so I stocked up on Hallmark cards at my local Walgreens knowing I had multiple events to attend this summer and fall. Supermarkets and convenience stores are much smaller when you live in a city and often won’t have a wide selection of the same type of item, but I was really impressed with the variety of cards for bridal showers, engagements and weddings at my teeny tiny Walgreens up the street. There was everything from 99 cent budget cards (that were actually really cute) to higher end Hallmark Signature cards adorned with little embellishments and attention-grabbing colors. I even found some pretty floral wrapping paper and gift bags that I’m going to use for wedding gifts!

So who else is navigating wedding season for the first time? I have to say it’s been an interesting and fun experience. I’ve actually been looking forward to having some of my friends get engaged since I’ve been to so few weddings. Everyone’s told me I’m crazy and not to get too excited since it does it involve spending a lot of money on gifts and traveling, and even more if you’re in the bridal party. I haven’t been asked to be a bridesmaid yet, but I’m sure it will be happening soon! I’m attending my first bachelorette party next month and I can’t waittttt.

Are you attending any weddings or bridal showers this summer? Any tips for me?

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Big thank you to Walgreens & Hallmark for sponsoring this post!
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- Katie


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